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Exchange 2016 Install, Configure & Administer

Exchange 2016 is the latest version of Exchange server to be released by Microsoft. For those used to Exchange 2013 thereare no massive changes noticeable but for those who are still utilising older versions of Exchange (pre-Exchange 2013) there are numerous differences and benefits. In this 5-day Skills Academy Exchange 2016 training workshop you will build a fully functional messaging and collaboration environment, utilising exchange 2016 as your mail server, from scratch which will increase your skills and understanding of the product substantially

Topics covered:

  • Examine revised Exchange architecture and plan for deployment
  • Install Exchange 2016 prerequisites and install Exchange 2016 server
  •  (mailbox role)
  • Install & configure revised certificates for Outlook and Outlook web access
  • Create & configure mailbox databases
  • Create & utilise Database Availability Groups and add mailbox copies
  • Create & test user mailboxes, resource mailboxes, shared
  • mailboxes, contacts and distribution groups
  • Migrate user mailboxes to alternative mailbox databases
  • Configure Exchange 2016 permissions – Admin roles, user roles &
  • Outlook web app policies
  • Create & use address lists
  • Create & deploy address book policies
  • Create, configure & deploy data loss prevention policies (DLP),
  • Retention policies & retention tags
  • Create & configure email address policies
  • Create & configure send & receive connectors for external mail flow
  • Create & deploy mobile device mailbox policies
  • Create & utilise public folders using public folder mailbox databases
  • Install Exchange 2016 into an existing Exchange environment (if time allows)

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