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Applications – Microsoft Excel 2007-2016 Level 3


1 Day



Delegates should have attended our Excel Level 2 course or have experience of using Excel at this level. They should understand absolute cell referencing and conditional formulae.


Course Type:

Instructor-led hands on training with all delegates using a computer.


Course Objectives:

To ensure delegates can make use of conditional formulae, be able to share workbooks and use the macro facilities of Excel.


Course Content


  • Use of Absolute cell references
  • IF functions and Named Ranges
  • Lookup Functions
  • Combining functions in a formula
  • Creating IF Functions
  • Using VLookup Functions

Working with Data

  • Revision of Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Using Excels Auditing Tools

Creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

  • Creating Pivot Tables
  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Setting Pivot table options
  • Refreshing Pivot data
  • Creating Pivot Charts

Workgroup Functions

  • Adding Comments to cells
  • Sharing Workbooks
  • Tracking Changes

Macros and Macro Recording

  • Understanding Macros
  • Macros for Automation
  • Using the Macro Recorder
  • Basic Macro Editing
  • Creating buttons to run Macros

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