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The Skills Academy – Windows PowerShell

To fully utilise Windows PowerShell administrative capabilities, this Skills Academy workshop provides the knowledge for those intending to learn how to write scripts and use them to simplify administration. Over the course of five days, students will gain the knowledge of how to install and administer PowerShell 4.0, before focusing on developing the scripting skills to implement complex operations; enabling administrators the ability to perform tasks on both local and remote Windows systems. The Skills Academy workshops offer a better way of learning by building the skills and confidence required to work in a real-world IT environment. With a more time efficient and ‘hands on’ approach to training, resulting in hundreds of satisfied students, businesses have benefited from improved IT productivity and a rapid return on investment. Places are limited to only six per workshop guaranteeing each student an in-depth level of support to maximise their development.

Provides the knowledge for those intending to write scripts and use them to simplify administration.

Topics covered:

  • Identify the requirements for running PowerShell 4.0
  • Describe PowerShell cmdlets, remote management capabilities, and the purpose
  • of Snap-ins, modules and PowerShell drives
  • Work with the PowerShell pipeline
  • Use Object properties and methods
  • Work with variables, and variable scopes
  • Secure scripts through digital signing and script execution policies
  • Configure remote management and work with remote sessions
  • Manage background jobs
  • Incorporate looping statements in PowerShell scripts
  • Describe the purpose of a function, how to pass arguments into a function
  • and differentiate between a function and a filter
  • Understand the uses of built-in variables for error handling
  • Use language blocks for handling errors
  • Implement debugging options
  • Use PowerShell to work with files and folders, change information in the registry
  • and read information from event logs
  • Understand how to work with Active Directory
  • Design and develop real-world scripts
  • 5-Day ‘Hands on’ Workshop Delivered in a real working environment
  • Places limited to only 6 students per workshop

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