CORETX acquisition of 365IT: rationale and what happens next

Our acquisition of 365IT at the start of April 2017 has led to a very busy couple of weeks, and I wanted to write a few words about the rationale behind the acquisition, as well as setting out at a high level what happens next.


CORETX has a stated goal of becoming a leading provider of cloud and IT managed services to the UK mid-market. The acquisition of 365IT strengthens CORETX across a range of technologies, including voice, unified communications, wireless, cloud and training solutions, incorporating technology from leading manufacturers such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, Checkpoint and Watchguard. This extends our existing portfolio of products and services, increases our value add to customers and moves us further towards our stated goal.

Business as usual

For the immediate future 365IT will continue to trade in the normal way, customers will interact with 365IT through their existing contact points and services will be delivered in the same way using existing processes and knowledge.

At the same time, CORETX and 365IT staff are getting to know each other, and developing plans that will ensure we make the future integration of the two companies simpler and more effective.

We will continue to focus on maintaining service quality to customers while we develop integration plans, and once we are sure we have everything in place to generate a seamless transition that immediately offers benefits to customers, we will move forward with integration.

Acquisition Response

The response to the acquisition to date has been very positive. Everyone in CORETX and 365IT recognise the potential future benefits – for customers, for staff and for shareholders – and we are all looking forwards to working together over the next few months to put the integration plans into action.

We plan to meet as many 365IT customers as possible over the coming weeks, to introduce CORETX, explain the rationale for the acquisition and share the plans we have to take the business forwards.

Andy Ross, CEO, CORETX

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