A Spotlight on the CORETX Apprenticeship Programme

By Ashley Smith, Digital Marketing Apprentice Three months ago, I was at a cross-road in my life. Having just completed a Sport Science degree at university, I wasn’t sure I wanted to pursue a career in that sector and needed to evaluate my options.  A career in IT had never been part of my [...]

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Inspiring the next generation of female IT trail blazers

A couple of months ago I was asked to speak to several groups of students at a local girls’ secondary school about my experience and career in the IT sector. I was tasked to open their minds to the world of IT and the broader opportunities on offer. But most importantly, I needed to encourage [...]

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Protection Against Cyber Threats: compliance and beyond protection for your business

After many months of planning, we have just launched CORETX Protection Against Cyber Threats (PACT), our new cyber-security business unit. We’ve developed PACT in response to increasing customer awareness of threats and demand for comprehensive protection from a single service provider. I know that in-house IT teams can fatigue under the quantity of data [...]

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Backup and disaster recovery planning is unexciting until the moment it’s needed

Protecting data, should be high on any list of business priorities, but is often considered only after losses have occurred. The truth is, planning for things that may not happen and repeating complicated but essentially mundane backup processes on the off-chance that they do is not very engaging for IT staff so can be [...]

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How to choose a data centre

It can be a big step to move your IT infrastructure from the 'safety' of your main office into a data centre facility. While colocation services can save you both time and expenditure, there are some things that are important to consider when you’re selecting a facility. We’ve listed the ten most important considerations [...]

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Wannacry? Keep calm by taking action is preferable

I don’t need to go over the impact on multiple organisations of the recent ransomware attack, known as Wannacry. You can’t have missed it on the news. It wasn’t good. The cyber-security landscape is changing with the onset of advanced persistent threats (APT). These threats comprise multiple components, including malware and botnets. APTs can [...]

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CORETX public sector framework compliant solutions

28.11.2016 | If you work in the public sector, you’ll know how careful you have to be over procurement. When selecting solutions to specific challenges, you need certainty on their ongoing quality and the value they will provide to citizens. It’s you that’s held accountable for how you’ve spent tax payer’s money. CORETX is able [...]

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Bournemouth data centre takes on the storm… and wins!

I’m really proud of the systems we’ve built at our Bournemouth data centre. And on one specific day in September this year, I could not have been prouder. Important Visitor The day started with an important visitor. It was audit day and I was showing the auditor around the facility. We have an excellent [...]

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Dark Fibre – Is it the way to go?

As a country, we like to think we are reasonably modern in terms of access to technology and connectivity. But let’s not forget it was only a few months ago that headlines were splashed with revelations that a creative firm in London’s Tech City, (the new, world-leading tech cluster), admitted it was quicker to [...]

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