CORETX obtains approved G-Cloud 9 supplier status

CORETX has been an approved supplier within the UK Government’s G-Cloud Framework for some time. We’re delighted to confirm our status has been updated and we are a fully approved G-Cloud 9 supplier. This framework allows us to deliver a full suite of products and services to any government department or associated organisation seeking [...]

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CORETX launches IT device lifecycle management facility

CORETX today opened its new IT device lifecycle management facility in Dartford. The facility will meet the growing demand for provisioning, managing, redeploying and retiring PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices used in UK workplaces each year. The facility will service existing CORETX customers, as well as new lifecycle contracts totalling £5.85m [...]

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CORETX service desk ‘Highly Commended’ by UK’s service

CORETX's service desk was recently shortlisted for ‘Service Management Team of the Year’ in the ITSMF’s Professional Service Management Awards. Award Ceremony The award ceremony was on Wednesday night and a big contingent from the service desk attended. While we didn’t win our category, the award went to the National Grid’s support team, we [...]

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CORETX shortlisted for ITSMF service management team award

We were recently notified that CORETX’s service desk has been shortlisted in the ‘Service Management Team of the Year’ category in the ITSMF’s Professional Service Management Awards 2017. We’re absolutely delighted to be shortlisted, as it recognises the hard work the team has put in to developing what we do. Our service desk is [...]

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Protecting your organisation from the recent ransomware outbreak

By now you’ll be aware that a significant ransomware outbreak started towards the end of last week. The exploit, known as WannaCrypt or WannaCry, affected many organisations around the world. Guidance and steps We’ve updated the systems we manage to protect our customers and will continue to proactively manage this and other security risks. As patches are [...]

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Important information regarding the current malware outbreak

The malware outbreak that is dominating headlines and affecting organisations across the world right now is a variation of common ransomware applications. This exploit is referred to as WannaCrypt or WannaCry. Nature of the malware Attacks Some of the attacks we are observing use common phishing tactics including malicious attachments in emails. Once the [...]

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CORETX acquisition of 365IT: rationale and what happens next

Our acquisition of 365IT at the start of April 2017 has led to a very busy couple of weeks, and I wanted to write a few words about the rationale behind the acquisition, as well as setting out at a high level what happens next. CORETX's Goal CORETX has a stated goal of becoming [...]

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CORETX reaches higher at Cloud Expo Europe

We’re deep into the second day of Cloud Expo Europe, hosted within London’s huge ExCeL exhibition centre. We’re taking a little time out from the show to give you a flavour of what we’re focussing on. Message to the cloud expo visitors Our message to visitors – and the organisers expect to see 18,000 people [...]

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CORETX announces new ExpressRoute service for Microsoft Azure

CORETX Cloud Connect for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute allows users to create private connections between the Microsoft Azure cloud and infrastructure on their own premises or in a colocation environment. ExpressRoute for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connections don’t go over the public internet, instead allowing users to extend their existing networks directly into the Microsoft cloud [...]

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CORETX apprentice assessment day success

CORETX was very pleased to welcome 14 candidates to its CORETX apprentice assessment day on Wednesday. The session was very much about making sure candidates found out more about CORETX, our culture and what an apprenticeship with us involves, as well as CORETX staff assessing them for their suitability for the schemes. Andy Ross, our [...]

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