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Project Description

Company: 7digital
Industry: Digital Music
Country: Global, London HQ, UK



  • Continuous account manager since start

  • Eased supplier management

  • Simplified billing

  • Tailored package

  • Seamless upgrades

CORETX help leading digital music and radio specialists, 7digital provide reliable music streaming uptime and catalogue protection

7digital are the power behind innovative digital listening experiences. They create comprehensive music and radio services for leading consumer brands, mobile carriers, broadcasters, automotive systems, retailers, record labels, artists and agencies.

They offer award-winning radio production and music curation services, superior editorial strategy and content management expertise.


7digital rely on having a robust IT infrastructure to ensure solid streaming uptime and safeguarding of the sensitive music data in their catalogue. Stability of service is critical to ensuring 7digital can offer a superior platform to a global roster of existing clients, meanwhile supporting new clients launch or expansion on a regular basis.


The rollouts of any service we sign on with CORETX have been exceptionally smooth, the processes are great because of their wonderful account management and communications.

This has grown over the years and CORETX now provide several racks of secure and efficient colocation space across multiple Data Centre sites. This has enabled 7digital to establish a strong Disaster Recovery policy where they can limit any single point of failure and ensure high availability in a number of scenarios.

Having multiple services all coming from CORETX means the digital music specialists benefit from eased supplier management, simplified networking and billing as they are able to take aggregate services and pay as they grow.

The CORETX services have enabled us to have always-on, redundant infrastructure. The fast connections between data centres they power mean we can easily transfer between them. These security measures have meant we were able to improve our platform stability, which in turn makes for better customer experiences using our products and our partners’ products.

Continual improvement

In almost a decade of being a CORETX customer, 7digital have grown exponentially, and their requirements have increased and evolved in complexity with CORETX able to facilitate their requirements at each stage.

During this long standing relationship, 7digital have had a consistent Account Manager who provides regular proactive service reviews, as well as a Technical Account Manager to provide dedicated technical support.

When they went through a major expansion of data centre space in 2012, CORETX were able to provide 7digital with a bespoke commercial arrangement that not only guaranteed them colocation space but also enabled them to scale risk-free through flexible payment for their growing rack requirements over a defined period of time. They decided to relocate critical equipment and CORETX were able to offer a number of alternatives within their contractual commitments as well as facilitate their migration by offering temporary interconnects – this was ultimately a complete replication of network services in a totally new site.

Another example of CORETX’s stability and innovation fostering 7digital’s growth, was in 2013, when 7digital launched their radio-style streaming solution and they saw an influx of partners using that service. It meant they required a wider catalogue of files to be readily available – CORETX allowed 7digital to ingest this content quickly and in turn make it available at faster connections.

Their catalogue API and all of their data is stored within CORETX’s colocation footprint and the CORETX connectivity network. 7digital Services are connected to the diverse data centres and as well as using CORETX to power their mobile app’s search and discovery, they are now looking to use CORETX’s network to connect to AWS and Google also.

A word from Claire Osmond, their Account Director at CORETX: “I have seen 7digital grow from strength to strength over the years, growing the B2B element of their business by defeating competition from well established companies to win numerous prestigious contracts with high profile customers such as Onkyo, T-Mobile, BlackBerry and Panasonic. Whenever I visit their office I am struck by the passion they have for what they do and the level of creativity and innovation that they continue to show, which I believe is what enables them to win such contracts”

CORETX’s consistently advanced and increased IT infrastructure has allowed us to remain competitive and innovate ahead of other services, most recently we were able to upgrade our catalogue to hi-res audio, which has been done ahead of other major services in the business. HI-resolution audio files are 10 times the size of standard MP3 and 23 times the size of the smallest streaming file format. Getting these larger files takes an extreme amount of coordination and negotiation with rights-holders. Without a simple solution for storage, it would have taken us much longer to upgrade. In a nutshell, CORETX lets our tech team sleep at night.

“Great account management, wonderfully reliable service. We like that CORETX are constantly innovating and bringing new services, always open to new ideas and not pushy about selling every service they offer. We get to know their team members at all levels of the organisation and feel like they are committed to our success, care who we are and take pride in
good service.”

Paul Shannon – VP of technology7digital

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